Your Opinion Is What Matters

I’m not a fan of traveling on Sundays because that is a family day, but occasionally, it is necessary. So tonight, I got into the hotel and the lounge was already closed, so I unpacked and decided to hit the gym to make up for the time I’d lost playing ball with my son tonight. I’ve been just getting back into working out, and it is a much slower process than it used to be!


Anyway, I went to the hotel gym, and as you might imagine, it was completely empty. After a quick warmup, I started lifting. I pushed myself pretty hard, harder than I have in recent times (probably this millennia) and it really felt good. Then it dawned on me that the reason I was working so hard, with weights well less than half what I used to 15 years ago, was that there was I was alone. I’m not much of a social butterfly in my gym, but I realized I don’t even like total strangers to see me struggling with the little weights. At this stage in my life, I still worry about what others think!


I finished my workout, but this thought was irking me. I have gotten to the point in my business where I am proud of my company and the industry, so why is this different? I struggled here when I got started, like most of you new to the industry, especially if your company is new, like mine. I guess I answered my own question: I had to gain confidence over time before I could be proud to invite some friends to check out my network marketing business, and I am no longer confident in my strength or appearance. So I guess I need to fix that ASAP!


The point of this post, beyond pointing out one of my many imperfections, is that worrying about what others think about you is a huge limiter to your success…in everything. Ironically, I was reading a book last night about a father-son talk in a restaurant where the son was embarrassed about the subject of this public conversation and the talk turned to a lecture on how he had to stop worrying about what strangers thought. I guess I should have realized it then, but it took a good chest workout in a Hilton gym at 10:30 PM on a Sunday for me to realize it.


Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
– John F. Kennedy


You don’t have to wait to gain confidence to get over this. Most of you are probably stronger than I and can just tell yourself, that you are going to be successful and it doesn’t matter what others think. They can believe you and join you, or stay and watch you.


To Your Success,
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