The “Exemplary” Leader

Hey! Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you enjoy this post as it was inspired by my friend and network marketing phenom, Ray Higdon at after some training he delivered last week.

Everyone wants to know how to be a leader, regardless of their line of work. In network marketing, the term leader is used a little more loosely, especially to describe people who are making lots of money, but often are nothing close to a true leader. Regardless of your definition of a leader, there is one sure-fire way to become one.

Please note, bad “leaders” will create more like themselves because their followers will mimic their actions. But good leaders will create more leaders to grow new leaders on their teams, etc., etc.

It is probably pretty obvious what you need to do to become a leader, but here it is…be the leader you want to have. That’s it. Just lead by example, and assuming you have recruited strong, positive people like yourself, they will mimic your actions and become leaders. Rinse and repeat. That is how legacies are built.

OK, so that wasn’t really worthy of a whole post, so let me cover a few of the most important examples of this, specifically in your network marketing business:

1. Recruiting: The whole business is about duplication, right? It all starts in recruiting. First, you have to recruit people like you who want to be leaders, but from the first conversation onward, each prospect is taking note of your leadership. Be sure you are showing them the correct way to prospect, introduce, follow-up, and on-board, from day 1.

2. Marketing: Be careful to market your business in a way that would work on you, or at least in a way you would want to be marketed to. This should not include hype, because if that worked on you, and you believe it is the best way to be successful, this endeavor is not going to last long and you’re wasting your time even pretending to be a leader. Grab that quick buck and jump to the next gig. Come back to this post when you are ready to build your legacy.

3. Training: First, we all know that we learn more when we teach others. That should be reason enough to convince you to focus a significant portion of your effort on training your team. But even if you don’t agree, you must acknowledge that if you don’t train your team, they will either fail and quit, or go where someone else will train them. So ensure your team is constantly training (even if you aren’t delivering the training directly) just as you should be constantly working to improve your own skills.

4. Personal Development: This probably should be number one, but chronologically, it seems to take people a while before they are ready to acknowledge they need to do this. Most of us were already good at something else before we started our home business, and this is much easier so why should I need to improve myself? As Oliver Goldsmith says, “People seldom improve when they have no other model but themselves to copy.”

5. Activity: The final example is activity. This is the catch-all. Ensure you are doing the same activities, in the proportion of time you want your followers to do, in order for them to have success and teach others the same. You don’t have to prove it to them, they will see it. Just focus on doing exactly what you would tell them to do.

That’s all for this one. I’ll expand on these in individual posts, and I’m thinking about doing a leadership series as I grow my online presence and increase my posting frequency. I know that many of you are part-timers just getting started, so please post below with your thoughts on a leadership series, or any other specific topic you would like me to cover.

To Your Success,


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