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Lessons Learned From A 9.997 Year Old

Thank you so much for stopping by. I just found this post I wrote a couple months ago and never published. After re-reading it, it is too powerful not to post it. So disregard the timeframe, the message holds true.

Today was a profound one for me. I need to get to sleep, but I feel like I have to get these feelings drafted, even if I don’t get to proof/publish this tonight. I apologize in advance for the length, but I am pretty wound up and I’m expecting to get wordy.

-travel was awesome, despite running late and having to give up a first class upgrade. Awesome persons 1 & 2 were United flight attendants from each flight.
-Colton found souvenir for mom before he picked his first
-no rain in AL!
-rental car had no cars Colt wanted, but awesome persons 3 & 4 were working at National today in Birmingham and they went to find him a Mustang.
-stopped outside airport to find address for Stadium to learn the game was delayed from rain. Colt happily said we should go to that museum place I found and then go to the game later.
Colton with a piece of history-Barber’s Vintage Motorsports Museum was amazing. Awesome person 5 was working today.
-after museum, we discussed baseball. Weather still beautiful BTW. Options for original college game or minor league. He changed his mind to minor league because they were continuing last night’s rain suspended game, and then another one.
-turns out the stadium is less than one month old and beautiful. As we are walking up, another family gives us free tickets to the game. They were great but I’m not counting them as awesome because they didn’t have a dramatic impact on the day, just made it a little nicer.
-standing in line waiting for gates to open, we meet awesome person 6, the last of the day. He runs a small charity called Written Word Donations (go give their Facebook page a Like) that seems to help quite a few causes, but their mission is listed on FB as getting bibles to people seeking the Word of God. He and Colton talked baseball for 30 minutes in line. He goes to events all over to get memorabilia signed, so he can auction it for his charity. He gives Colton a baseball card for the Barons catcher and a top 10 prospect for the White Sox. Once we get inside, he also buys him a program. We go down to the field to look around, and Colt sees Mike Blanke chatting with a friend during warm ups and gets his autograph on the card. Awesome! I missed the picture (not awesome).
Colt ready for the game-we spend a few innings sitting in the front row by 3rd and Colton gets a foul ball.
-I tell Colt as the 1st game is nearing the end, we should go say goodbye and thank you to our new friend Roger again in case he leaves. We go over there and Colt gets to meet the mascot, gets an autographed souvenir from Babe Ruff, and while we are talking, Roger gives him another card he just got signed from a pitcher than has been bouncing back and forth between the Sox and the Barons. Colt is getting cold, so we say goodbye, lots more thanks, swap cards, and head for the car

That is just the setup. Here is where the learning starts! 3 min into our hour drive to our hotel, Colt is asleep and I start thinking about a day I was nearly crying about just 21 hours prior. My son sees the entire world through a positive filter, and as a result, that is exactly what he what he experiences. He could have been upset about the weather forecast, the fact we only got 1 seat upgrade to first class and he wanted to stay with me, the two hour layover en route, or the delayed baseball game, or the fact that i missed the photo opp with his new hero on the Barons. Instead, he raved about everything: the Mustang rental, the awesome cars and motorcycles at the museum, watching Porsches race on the track. This realization reinforced what I’ve been seeing for the past 3-4 years, since I made a conscious effort to be more positive about my life. I believe completely that what you think about, comes about, but when you are surrounded regularly with negative people, who just see your results through their negative filter and resent even more, it is natural to doubt. My son reinforced for me today, that I control my own destiny, and that seeing life through a positive filter is the only way to life it. I hope he realizes the power he has now, before the negatively of the world around him is able to weaken his spirit. And I commit to see that he does!

To Your Success,

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Success Tip: LOVE Your Work

Short post today, reposted from my social media updates, but a very important message that I’ve lived to experience the difference. Please like and share to ensure everyone you know gets this message and is empowered to take action to improve their work life, and the rest of their lives in the process.


Your success in any occupation depends on your enjoyment. Loving your work makes the difference. If you enjoy what you do, you’ll be successful. If you don’t enjoy, you won’t.

Love It Or Leave ItYour chances for success are directly proportional to the degree of pleasure you derive from what you do. If you have a job you hate, face the fact squarely and get out. I know that is easier said than done because I went through it, but you must figure out how. You’ll never achieve real success unless you like what you are doing.

Success in its highest and noblest form calls for peace of mind, enjoyment, and happiness which comes only when you find the work that you like best. You don’t pay the price for success. You enjoy the price for success.

Like and share this message with everyone!

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Prove Your Success To Improve Your Success

Thanks for visiting. You’re going to love this post for how powerful it will be if you do this exercise. Please share, then do the exercise this week and come back to let me know the results.

Do you consider yourself a success? Even if you do, I’ll bet you’ve had periods where you felt like you were not winning, even in the area where you consider yourself most successful. This is because we are so focused on success, that immediately after a win, we move on to the next goal/objective without ever stopping to recognize the accomplishment. Ironically, the most successful of us are the worst at this because we feel like those goals must keep getting bigger, or achieved more quickly, so we don’t want to waste time celebrating when there is work to be done.

Woman Making Her ListAs I mentioned in my last post about taking control and loving your work, I’ve been reading Brendan Burchard’s The Charge and he introduces this idea in chapter 3 with the story of a very successful woman who was feeling like she had lost her edge and was no longer effective. He had her compose a two-page list of accomplishments for each of the past 10 years. She described this exercise as miserable, but one of the most powerful activities she had ever performed in her life.

Even if you are feeling successful, I encourage you to do this, even if just about your current job or business. Block an hour (you may need more) to go through this exercise. By setting a minimum length for your list, you’ll be forced to include some smaller accomplishments, which are those most often overlooked. I am warning you now this will NOT be easy, but it will be enlightening!a story about an incredibly successful woman who was feeling like she had lost her edge.

Once you have your list, I further recommend you develop a system for tracking your wins, big and small, at least weekly. You can keep a journal for your business and require yourself to write entities at least weekly. Or you can keep a list of your goals and document your accomplishments toward each of them as they happen, and review it at least weekly. There are other methods too, you just have to find something you can stick to.

Success List

So, regardless of where you are in your business, take this exercise and apply it to at least one aspect of your life. If you are just starting out, apply this to your job or a personal goal or anything, just to create the habit of recognizing and celebrating your achievements, large and small. Every win is important because they create a feeling of accomplishment which will help you be more confident and improve your performance.

Please leave me a comment below if you are habitual about celebrating your successes, or how the above exercise was for you.

To Your Success,

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Your Opinion Is What Matters

I’m not a fan of traveling on Sundays because that is a family day, but occasionally, it is necessary. So tonight, I got into the hotel and the lounge was already closed, so I unpacked and decided to hit the gym to make up for the time I’d lost playing ball with my son tonight. I’ve been just getting back into working out, and it is a much slower process than it used to be!


Anyway, I went to the hotel gym, and as you might imagine, it was completely empty. After a quick warmup, I started lifting. I pushed myself pretty hard, harder than I have in recent times (probably this millennia) and it really felt good. Then it dawned on me that the reason I was working so hard, with weights well less than half what I used to 15 years ago, was that there was I was alone. I’m not much of a social butterfly in my gym, but I realized I don’t even like total strangers to see me struggling with the little weights. At this stage in my life, I still worry about what others think!


I finished my workout, but this thought was irking me. I have gotten to the point in my business where I am proud of my company and the industry, so why is this different? I struggled here when I got started, like most of you new to the industry, especially if your company is new, like mine. I guess I answered my own question: I had to gain confidence over time before I could be proud to invite some friends to check out my network marketing business, and I am no longer confident in my strength or appearance. So I guess I need to fix that ASAP!


The point of this post, beyond pointing out one of my many imperfections, is that worrying about what others think about you is a huge limiter to your success…in everything. Ironically, I was reading a book last night about a father-son talk in a restaurant where the son was embarrassed about the subject of this public conversation and the talk turned to a lecture on how he had to stop worrying about what strangers thought. I guess I should have realized it then, but it took a good chest workout in a Hilton gym at 10:30 PM on a Sunday for me to realize it.


Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.
– John F. Kennedy


You don’t have to wait to gain confidence to get over this. Most of you are probably stronger than I and can just tell yourself, that you are going to be successful and it doesn’t matter what others think. They can believe you and join you, or stay and watch you.


To Your Success,


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