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Even the Pros Know That Fundamentals Are Critical

The pitchers and catchers for the Tampa Bay Rays report to Spring Training tomorrow morning. Why are they back so early? Because even those guys that have been playing ball for over 20 years realize they need to get their heads back in the game, remind themselves of the fundamentals, and spend some time with their coaches to identify and correct any bad habits that may have popped up. Will they learn anything new in camp? No. But they will be reminded of many things they’ve learned many times before in their career. Will they stop once the regular season starts in April? Not a chance. Pros recognize there are outside influences that affect their success, so they practice almost daily, even on game days, to hone their skills, and prevent any bad habits from strengthening. As Benjamin Franklin said, “It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.”

This is no different than your business, or life, for that matter. It is the basics you learned when you first got started that are still the key to your success today. We hear a lot about the new techniques the gurus teach us and how it will transform our business, and many of those methods are very valuable. But the next time you attend a company event, training, opportunity presentation, or otherwise, look around the room. Notice the number of other leaders in attendance. Leaders attend company events for continuing education, because they realize they forget almost as much as they learn, and by talking with others, they remember some of those fundamentals they have drifted from, that helped them get where they are.

My call to action is to set aside an hour in the next two days to get back to basics. Pull out your old training materials. If you kept good notes early on, pull them out too and review them. What worked and what didn’t? How many of those that helped you get started on the path to success have you forgotten about? Did you decide you don’t need to pick up that 500 pound phone anymore since you have a large team build and are earning a good income?

Welcome to Spring Training…Go Rays!

To Your Success,