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Think Big To Become Big


If you are following me or any other leaders in this wonderful industry, you’ve undoubtedly heard this thousands of times. We hear about the importance of mindset and attitude in almost every personal development book we read or listen to. Think And Grow Rich, The Power Of Positive Thinking, etc. You know it, but do you practice it?

In the practice of our lives, we are much more aware of the feedback that tells us we made a mistake, we failed, we aren’t as good as our leader, … in other words, we aren’t BIG.

20130918-083340.jpgThe fact is that high achievement always takes place in the presence of high expectations. You can only achieve something great if you know you can.

In the long run, you’ll always hit what you aim for. So why not aim high? Even if you don’t hit it the first time, if you continue to try and believe you can hit it, you will.

Have the courage to follow your dreams. It’s the first step towards attaining your destiny. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Big thinking always precedes big achievement.