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The #1 Reason For A 90 Day Blitz

Everyone acknowledges that a blitz produces increased results, but most people get a negative impression of the word because it sounds hard. And it is! The idea of a blitz is to get focused on a single objective for a specific amount of time. This is not the way we typically work in our “multi-tasking” world, where we normally bounce between multiple activities and never accomplish any of them. I’m going to help you understand the benefits of a blitz, and how to use them effectively.

In professional sales organizations, blitzes or prospecting days are commonly used to increase the pipeline. A portion of the sales team, typically inside sales who are trained on the phone, will dedicate an entire day to calling their entire prospect list about one specific topic to seek new opportunities. The results from taking a group of sales professionals, who already dial their current prospect list daily, and giving them a focus, a deadline, and a goal, is astounding.

Are you ready to change your life?But what does that mean for you in your home business. Actually, I believe it means the exact same thing. Our lives take us in many different directions on a daily basis. It is very easy to lose focus. You call a prospect, have a great conversation, they ask a question, it gets you thinking about how often you hear that question and should write a blog entry to address it, you hang up (without a close), start writing, do your SEO, find your stock photo, post, syndicate, and suddenly your two hours you dedicated to your business are gone and you have nothing to show for it. This is the #1 thing a blitz addresses.

A blitz provides the focus, the deadline, and usually a goal for you and your team to achieve. In my home business, we are currently doing a 90 Day Blitz, which happens to coincide with the qualification period for our first National Expansion Team, where we’ll be working directly with Larry Thompson. During the blitz, we have committed to work significantly above our usual level of effort, foregoing sleep and many of the time freedoms which justified our journey into home business. However, the key factor is that it is only for 90 days. We have a definite end date, which enables us to go hard, knowing exactly how much further we have to go. Ever noticed how much easier it is to maintain or increase your pace as you near the end of a run? When you should be the most tired, you speed up, because you know how much further you have to go. The same holds true here.

Larry Thompson

During this blitz, everyone on the team (and across teams including most of the company) are focused on one thing: talking to as many people as possible every day to see who is open to the possibility of a better life. We are all encouraged to speak to as many people as possible during our production time, with the intention of simply setting appointments to follow up with a tool to show them the business. With this focus, we are talking to more people, creating more interest, generating more momentum, being more diligent in our use of tools (instead of wasting time presenting/convincing), and achieving more results.

A blitz like this is not easy. My friend and mentor, Ray Higdon, says this is “not for weenies.” Not for a professional salesperson who normally spends 8 hours dialing, or for the home business owner managing a FT job and a family, many of whom started their business with the promise from some internet guru of never having to talk to anyone. It isn’t easy, but the results speak for themselves.

If you have an opportunity to participate in a blitz like this with your company, do it! If not, start one with your team or with some of the other leaders. If you are ready to dedicate your spare time for the next 85 days (we started 5 days ago) to dramatically change your life, please contact me immediately. I can get 3 more people on the National Expansion Team. The only requirement is that you are willing to work hard, have a desire for more, and are coachable.

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Scheduling Success Around The Full Time Job

This is a short post I’m jotting down before I forget. I was reading a post over at RayHigdon.com that got me motivated to write tonight, and then I started thinking about the cause for my lack of success this past week which gave me my topic. One of the biggest challenges part time networkers face is the frequency that their full time job trumps the success-building activities on their daily calendar.

Hopefully, if you’ve gotten this far (this far being that you are actually reading personal development content because you realize it is critical to your success), then you also know that you absolutely must have a detailed calendar that includes all of the actions you want to make to grow your business. You realize your success depends on both income-producing and non-income-producing activities (like reading this blog), and you must schedule them both if you expect them to get done. I’ll discuss these two types of activities in a future post because it is important you separate them and prioritize them appropriately.

But back to the calendar, my best tip for developing your business calendar to protect it from the spontaneity of life or fluidity of your full time job is to group activities that must occur within certain times and those that do not. For example, I am able to read personal development content and write blog posts at any time of the day or night, and I just have to trade a bit of sleep for that time. On the other hand, making prospecting calls, needs to occur at a reasonable time for a phone to be ringing, at least if I don’t want to get yelled at and waste a lead. By creating blocks of time on my calendar with similar category activities, when my life takes an unexpected turn that prevents me from completing some of my scheduled activity, I am able to quickly move those blocks to the correct areas on that calendar to allow to be completed during reasonable timeframes. Before I started doing this, I used to schedule one block of time to work my business. When an unexpected meeting, or a spontaneous date night with my daughter arose, I would move the block, but then when I sat down to complete the activities during the new window, many of the tasks weren’t possible, at least if I wanted to avoid the browbeating for calling a friend at midnight to talk to them about my business.

I hope that little tip makes sense so you can put it to good use immediately. In fact, pull up tomorrow’s calendar right now and separate your business activity in tasks that are and are not time sensitive. I like to use parenthesis after the task name to indicate the potential window for completing the actions included.

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Even the Pros Know That Fundamentals Are Critical

The pitchers and catchers for the Tampa Bay Rays report to Spring Training tomorrow morning. Why are they back so early? Because even those guys that have been playing ball for over 20 years realize they need to get their heads back in the game, remind themselves of the fundamentals, and spend some time with their coaches to identify and correct any bad habits that may have popped up. Will they learn anything new in camp? No. But they will be reminded of many things they’ve learned many times before in their career. Will they stop once the regular season starts in April? Not a chance. Pros recognize there are outside influences that affect their success, so they practice almost daily, even on game days, to hone their skills, and prevent any bad habits from strengthening. As Benjamin Franklin said, “It is easier to prevent bad habits than to break them.”

This is no different than your business, or life, for that matter. It is the basics you learned when you first got started that are still the key to your success today. We hear a lot about the new techniques the gurus teach us and how it will transform our business, and many of those methods are very valuable. But the next time you attend a company event, training, opportunity presentation, or otherwise, look around the room. Notice the number of other leaders in attendance. Leaders attend company events for continuing education, because they realize they forget almost as much as they learn, and by talking with others, they remember some of those fundamentals they have drifted from, that helped them get where they are.

My call to action is to set aside an hour in the next two days to get back to basics. Pull out your old training materials. If you kept good notes early on, pull them out too and review them. What worked and what didn’t? How many of those that helped you get started on the path to success have you forgotten about? Did you decide you don’t need to pick up that 500 pound phone anymore since you have a large team build and are earning a good income?

Welcome to Spring Training…Go Rays!

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Are You A Champion or a Leader of Champions?

Like most fans, I was confident how the game was going to go before it started. The Steelers defense was going to play awesome, but Aaron was going to pick it apart for little gains and wait for the mistakes to capitalize big, just as he had been doing for the past couple months. It was going to be close because Ben would be getting his typical big plays to keep the score even. Instead, what I watched was a Packer defense that, especially in the first half, dominated the game and won it for them. Sure Aaron made a few good plays to put it in the end zone, but he wouldn’t have even had the opportunity if his team hadn’t set him up.

So it got me thinking about team dynamics. What is your role in your team? Do you own the spotlight, guiding your downline but maintain the linchpin role in its success? Or do you help to prepare your team by honing their skills, motivating them to practice, and then sit back and watch them excel completely on their own? Not sure? Well, which would you prefer?

I believe the latter is definitely the target, especially for us part-timers. However, I know plenty of very successful leaders who are content, or even desire, to maintain that critical role; to be the person their team can’t do without. As leaders, it is our job to determine the level of competency of people we sponsor, how to coach them to improved skills/habits, and how to motivate them to execute and then do the same for their individual teams. That is the secret to a rapidly expanding team and rapidly growing pay card deposits.

As I watched the conclusion of the game, with Rodgers struggling to move the ball and Big Ben with 2 minutes and 1 timeout to work his no-huddle magic, I was concerned. I really wanted Aaron to dominate this game to finally escape Favre’s shadow. Once again, his defense came through again and earned that Championship. While I was rooting for Aaron Rodgers, not the Packers, I was disappointed to see them give him the MVP because I believe that 2-3 members of the defense were more deserving. I was, however, pleased that he downplayed his role (a little) and said he was proud to share it with the team.

Your homework: Decide what kind of leader you want to be. Regardless of your desires, you know you must coach your downline to build a successful business. I guess the difference is whether you are willing to humble yourself for everyone’s benefit or let your team continue to be dependent on you for their success. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

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Welcome to BryanSalek.com

Hello, and thank you for visiting! Welcome to my new site! I would like to introduce myself and my blog in hopes of getting your active participation on http://BryanSalek.com to ensure the content remains valuable in the weeks, months and years ahead.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me to offer feedback or to just ask for help.  You’ll see that I live to help others to be successful.

My name is, obviously, Bryan Salek.  I am an IT professional at an incredible software company and a leader/mentor in a super network marketing company where I run a home business with my wonderful wife, Julie.  I also have two amazing children, Cassidy and Colton.  I think that adds up to 5 of the best jobs anyone could ever want.

That leads me to the theme of my new blog: Simple, repeatable steps anyone can follow to achieve mind-blowing success in your spare time.  By spare time, I mean in the time you spend outside of your full-time career.  For you full-time networks marketers, please don’t click away just yet.  I know many of you started full-time because you had to, and many more of you have forgotten how to work your home business while holding a JOB, but you all have reps on your team that are in this very situation, and they are frustrated when you give them your “3 easy steps to success” which makes them think they need to take vacation time to build a team.  For you, this site will be a constant reminder of the plight of the part-time network marketers, and serve as a reference tool for them to be successful in your downline.

Again, thanks for visiting. I look forward to getting to know you.

To Your Success,