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Invite Them And They Will Come

…and if they don’t, you didn’t want them on your team anyway!

How were you introduced to your current opportunity? I was introduced by one of the founders who is a long-time friend of mine. I was introduced incorrectly, because I already knew what he was doing, so I had a whole list of questions for him during our first discussion and he was able to answer them all directly. That also means that I assumed that I should be able to give the same presentation and answer the same tough questions from anyone I approached to sponsor. That is a vicious cycle you want to avoid because it causes analysis paralysis which I discussed here, for both you and anyone you are lucky enough to get into the business with this approach. Ultimately, this just slows the team building pace.

Assuming you chose an established, well-run company, there are numerous marketing tools in place for you to leverage. Rather than becoming the guru, you need to become proficient at using these tools to your advantage in prospecting. What I mean is rather than delivering a full presentation, or worse, describing the opportunity in your own words, just invite them to review one of these tools and schedule a follow-up to discuss.

This is critical for several reasons:

  • First and the most obvious is efficiency. For you part-timers like me, you don’t have an hour to spend talking to hundreds of people that are not interested in your product or a business opportunity. You should, however, be able to find about 5 minutes to call them, catch up, and ask them if they are interested in a side project to create a new stream of income. If so, great, they can get all the details from a 20-30 min conference call, webinar or DVD. When you follow up, they will either say they aren’t interested and the call is over, or they need more information, at which point it is worth spending some more time discussing.
  • Second is duplication. As I mentioned earlier, I lost a lot of time right after I joined my company because I felt I needed to know everything to build my team in the same way I was sponsored. I actually watched the compensation plan training 4 times before I understood it all. I was proud of that until I mentioned it to one of the leaders and I got the duplication lecture. You see, there are very few that I could sponsor, that could be expected to put in the atrocious hours and numerous calls to one of the founders and another 6 Star leader to learn every single detail. That is what your upline is for, and now I understand that and tell my downline as well.
  • Third is to avoid joining the NFL. I mentioned the No Friends Left association in a previous post about your warm market. Whether you agree with starting with your warm market or not, once you are successful, you will inevitably talk to your friends and family. When they ask you what you are doing, you can’t go into an explanation without pitching. Even if you aren’t pitching, it will be construed as such, so the correct answer to that question is something along the lines of “It’s a project I started recently to create some additional income. If you are interested in created an additional stream in your spare time, I’ll send you a link to a movie, but let’s not get into it today. We’re here to have fun.” In doing so, you clearly aren’t pitching, you are removing all pressure, and you are raising curiousity…all desirable things.

These are 3 specific reasons, but generally, this is all just about ensuring success for you and your downline. There are other reasons, like you might be a lousy presenter, you might not be capable of explaining the comp plan or product, or any number of others, but these 3 are universal. Ray Higdon emphasized this point about becoming a master inviter several times in a post explaining why people fail in network marketing.

Call To Action: Start today on my 7 Day Challenge. For 7 days, commit to inviting 2 people daily to watch your video. You have to actually talk to them! Do not offer any details over the phone, but use whatever excuse you can to get off the phone and get agreement they will watch your video, and that you will call them back in 30 minutes (or after they tell you they can spare 20 minutes to watch it). At the end of those 7 days, post below to tell me if your results were not significantly better with those 14 (probably more once you see who much more fun it is this way) that your previous invites. I have a whole post coming on one-liners I use for these invites, and I’ll actually try to credit the actual authors of each!

Thank you for visiting today.

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