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Get Out There!

As I wait for Day 2 of my company’s annual convention to start, I thought I’d take a few minutes to discuss an oft-blogged topic of company events. There are tons of reasons you should attend company events, but I’ve also heard leaders warn against them as a possible distraction from money-making activity. To address the distraction aspect, I think the old adage “anything in moderation” applies here too. As a part-timer, if you are attending event local and online event your company holds, you are probably spending all of the time you’ve allotted to your business on events that aren’t making you money. So look back at your calendar and your goals, and ensure you are that at least 50% of your business time is spent on recruiting or retailing…the things that make you money. 20110806-081425.jpg

Enough of the negative, why should you go at all. First and foremost, this business is about networking. That means you have to get out and speak to people! This is uncomfortable for some, for you, these company events, where you are talking to peers and not prospects, is a safe place to practice. For the rest of you, the value is in learning from your peers and sharing your knowledge and experience with them. Regardless of who you are, I guarantee there are others that know more about some topics than you, and you know more than some others, and the sharing is what makes this industry awesome!

Secondly, if there is an event, there is probably a speaker planned to train on a specific subject, and personal development is the most important non-money-making activity you can partake in. So use that free training to your advantage, and remember to put the new knowledge into action as soon as possible after the event.

I’ve seen laundry lists of reasons for attending events in other posts, but I lump most of them into the above two categories. The last main reason I have to go to your events is just because good things happen when you do. This one is kind of nebulous but let me give you an example. Last night, one of our leaders approached me and asked me to be on his team for a contest that starts this week. The contest has all of the leaders above a certain grade choosing teams to execute a new method for building their businesses and the leaders are competing with one another to see who can achieve the most success. I am currently at a middle rank in my company, along with a significant percentage of my peers, but my persistence, and my presence, allowed me this opportunity to accelerate my success during this contest. That is a long way of saying, if your schedule allows you to attend events without negatively impacting your ability to do the money-making work, you should definitely be there!

Best of luck to you. I’ll see you at the next event!

To Your Success,