Scheduling Success Around The Full Time Job

This is a short post I’m jotting down before I forget. I was reading a post over at that got me motivated to write tonight, and then I started thinking about the cause for my lack of success this past week which gave me my topic. One of the biggest challenges part time networkers face is the frequency that their full time job trumps the success-building activities on their daily calendar.

Hopefully, if you’ve gotten this far (this far being that you are actually reading personal development content because you realize it is critical to your success), then you also know that you absolutely must have a detailed calendar that includes all of the actions you want to make to grow your business. You realize your success depends on both income-producing and non-income-producing activities (like reading this blog), and you must schedule them both if you expect them to get done. I’ll discuss these two types of activities in a future post because it is important you separate them and prioritize them appropriately.

But back to the calendar, my best tip for developing your business calendar to protect it from the spontaneity of life or fluidity of your full time job is to group activities that must occur within certain times and those that do not. For example, I am able to read personal development content and write blog posts at any time of the day or night, and I just have to trade a bit of sleep for that time. On the other hand, making prospecting calls, needs to occur at a reasonable time for a phone to be ringing, at least if I don’t want to get yelled at and waste a lead. By creating blocks of time on my calendar with similar category activities, when my life takes an unexpected turn that prevents me from completing some of my scheduled activity, I am able to quickly move those blocks to the correct areas on that calendar to allow to be completed during reasonable timeframes. Before I started doing this, I used to schedule one block of time to work my business. When an unexpected meeting, or a spontaneous date night with my daughter arose, I would move the block, but then when I sat down to complete the activities during the new window, many of the tasks weren’t possible, at least if I wanted to avoid the browbeating for calling a friend at midnight to talk to them about my business.

I hope that little tip makes sense so you can put it to good use immediately. In fact, pull up tomorrow’s calendar right now and separate your business activity in tasks that are and are not time sensitive. I like to use parenthesis after the task name to indicate the potential window for completing the actions included.

If this tip was helpful, please use the buttons below to share it with your network and team members. Also, I’d love to hear your comments on this topics, and any tips you use for managing conflicts between your multiple calendars.

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4 thoughts on “Scheduling Success Around The Full Time Job”

  1. Hi Bryan,
    It is very important that one has a monitor system where they can keep track and follow up activities around their business. One has to be of course consistent in making entries as they come otherwise it will be easy to forget important entries and hence lack of follow ups.
    Elizabeth recently posted..Why is Positive Attitude Important for Developing Your Business?


    Bryan Reply:


    Thanks for the visit and the comment. You are exactly right. A tracking system is a self-reliant accountability system. It takes a long time to build a positive habit to stick to your success schedule, but it is very easy to build a negative habit to slack off. Everyone has something different that works for them to track their compliance, but the important thing is to have one.

    It is obvious I have been ignoring mine for a while now, with respect to consistent blog posting.



  2. Bryan, you’ll never go wrong getting some motivation from Ray, and to see it motivated you to write, for you to catch my attention – it means you’re on the right track!

    Get your daily action plan ready, and just do it every day!
    Jack recently posted..Syntek Global


    Bryan Reply:


    Thank you for the visit, and the comment. Ray is awesome. He was the first real leader I met in this industry, and I am very glad he was.

    Have a great day!



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