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Do you consider yourself a success? Even if you do, I’ll bet you’ve had periods where you felt like you were not winning, even in the area where you consider yourself most successful. This is because we are so focused on success, that immediately after a win, we move on to the next goal/objective without ever stopping to recognize the accomplishment. Ironically, the most successful of us are the worst at this because we feel like those goals must keep getting bigger, or achieved more quickly, so we don’t want to waste time celebrating when there is work to be done.

Woman Making Her ListAs I mentioned in my last post about taking control and loving your work, I’ve been reading Brendan Burchard’s The Charge and he introduces this idea in chapter 3 with the story of a very successful woman who was feeling like she had lost her edge and was no longer effective. He had her compose a two-page list of accomplishments for each of the past 10 years. She described this exercise as miserable, but one of the most powerful activities she had ever performed in her life.

Even if you are feeling successful, I encourage you to do this, even if just about your current job or business. Block an hour (you may need more) to go through this exercise. By setting a minimum length for your list, you’ll be forced to include some smaller accomplishments, which are those most often overlooked. I am warning you now this will NOT be easy, but it will be enlightening!a story about an incredibly successful woman who was feeling like she had lost her edge.

Once you have your list, I further recommend you develop a system for tracking your wins, big and small, at least weekly. You can keep a journal for your business and require yourself to write entities at least weekly. Or you can keep a list of your goals and document your accomplishments toward each of them as they happen, and review it at least weekly. There are other methods too, you just have to find something you can stick to.

Success List

So, regardless of where you are in your business, take this exercise and apply it to at least one aspect of your life. If you are just starting out, apply this to your job or a personal goal or anything, just to create the habit of recognizing and celebrating your achievements, large and small. Every win is important because they create a feeling of accomplishment which will help you be more confident and improve your performance.

Please leave me a comment below if you are habitual about celebrating your successes, or how the above exercise was for you.

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