Network For Your Freedom

In the United States, today is our nation’s birthday and the day we celebrate our freedom. Freedom was attained through years of hard work, great adversity and at the cost of many lives. It is certain those early Americans that endured all of that would gladly sacrifice it all again for the reward is so great.

There are thousands of networkers out there that have attained freedom as well. Freedom from financial challenges, daily commutes, unfair bosses, and work schedules that kept them away from enjoying the important aspects of their lives, like spending time with their families. I am not going to attempt to prove that networking can provide these freedoms in this post, because if you have been involved with this industry for any length of time, and are taking advantage of the events your company holds, you undoubtedly believe this already.

Instead, I want to remind you that network marketing is not a get rich quick plan, and will require significant amounts of time and effort on your part. Study the leaders in your company and the industry, and you will find countless stories of the effort they exerted to achieve their success. If you were recruited by a leader that led you to believe this was not the case, I am sorry. In order to reach your lofty (hopefully) goals and obtain the lifestyle you desire, you will have to put in the time and effort. This is true for part time networkers as well as full timers. That doesn’t mean you should give up and look for something else. On the contrary, it means you should prepare for a 3-5 year journey to achieve your success and resolve to stick with your plan for at least that long. You and your sponsor must develop this plan together, but at a minimum, you must resolve to set aside time for your business every week and use that time to take action. Specific activities are a subject of several future posts, but my point here is you must have the mindset that hard work will be required for several years to reach your objectives.

I wish you all the wisdom, strength and persistence to achieve greatness and realize the freedom you desire.

To Your Success,

Bryan Salek


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